Our inability to care for ourselves is an impediment to revolution. 

We are tied to a Healthcare system that extracts our bodies from the larger physical reality. We no longer know how to ask nature for help. Most of us cannot perform basic first aid. We think that mental health requires formal therapy. Disease is individualized while wellness is commodified. Contemporary systems of ‘care’ require us to struggle alone to perpetuate capitalist economies.

But capitalist Healthcare cannot address the world’s most urgent issues. How will its institutions help us to adapt to a world without clean water? To live after the icecaps melt? To inhabit crisis? In the wake of superstorms and economic collapse, it seems clear that we have to learn to help ourselves. 

Health Autonomy means to refuse isolation and nihilism. It means to act now to find each other and share practices of care for collective wellness. 

Since early 2016, The Woodbine Health Autonomy group has hosted skill shares on basic first aid, disaster response, traditional Chinese medicines, and urban herbal medicines. They’ve also started a podcast, helped curate an international health festival, and greatly expanded their network to develop models for fostering a new way of life. 

‘We need the elders who healed our wounds for decades, the medics who cleared our eyes in the streets, and those of us who have no formal health training at all to come together and grow the collective care we desperately need.’

Woodbine Collective cultivates a spirit against the end of the world. Driven by the recognition that power needs to be built and organized, the collective houses several groups working together to build a life in common. To contact the video team message begin@woodbine.space.