On January 20, 2018, marking the one year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, Deep Dish TV and Paper Tiger will release We Interrupt this Program, a new video/web series about the global eco-economic-political crises and rise in far-right politics. A mixed bag of toxic themes have been exacerbated by the rise of Trump: white nationalist movements, far-right hate groups, anti-migrant rhetoric, Islamophobia, misogyny, normalization of sexual assault and sexual harassment, transphobia, climate change deniers, attacks on healthcare, and more. We will show the immediacy of these issues and urgent ways in which people are organizing against them and toward more autonomous, intersectional, and inclusive alternatives.

We Interrupt This Program of corporate media to bring you a special report from the organizers against white nationalism, neoliberalism, patriarchy, and colonialism.


We Interrupt This Program to show you…

– frontlines against fascism.
– the insidiousness nature of “border walls” and people on the other side.
– health autonomy and better ways of providing care.
– student debt serfdom, the issue of privatization, and alternative forms of education.
– housing beyond rent and property.
– struggles against systems of racial oppression such as police and prisons.
– how Big Brother uses tech to both surveil and pacify, and ways of protection.
– ways to counter toxic masculinity and patriarchy.
– how to fight militarism and imperialism, which are systems of global domination.
– climate change and the ways people are healing the Earth.


We Interrupt This Program is produced by Deep Dish TV and Paper Tiger TV. We are seeking filmmakers to produce and edit 10 minute programs on the topics above. This is project with a modest budget, but we are paying people for their work. Please contact us at deepdish@igc.org and papertigertv@gmail.com.